Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Build Week 3 - Low Level Masonry

With the foundations now in place it is time to start setting out and building the low level masonry to the level required for the beam & block floor system. It was a week hampered by weather and setting out difficulties.

Building with the SIPS system is very quick and easy when the base is in place. The challenge is getting the low level masonry set out precisely to match the dimensions of the SIPS. There is little room for error as the SIPS shell is manufactured to the precise measurements of the computer model and when it arrives on site  there is little room for give and take. To add to the challenge of this the walls of the existing retaining structure were not built square meaning that we had to spend time to adjust the exact location and orientation to make it fit as required.

 The tanking system was installed as well, which is basically a dimpled plastic sheet which is fixed to the inside of the retaining wall. It guarantees that there is no water ingress to where the structure resides. We lost a day to the weather, but it was nice to finally see the footprint of the building rise from the ground.

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