Monday, 16 July 2012

Code for Sustainable Homes - Design stage Application

The design stage application has gone in for the project. The design stage score stood at 90.71 points, which is the level 6 we are aiming for, but only just above the 90 points required for level 6.

Until the quality audit comes back fromm the certifying body, Stroma, we will not know if this is 100% accurate, but through a thorough assessment it should prove to be so. There are still points that we would hope to pick up to increase the post construction stage score, for example a good air pressure test result would help the SAP FEE value and therefore improve our total.

We tried to avoid scoring points in areas where extra expense would be incurred for no material gain. An example of this is the considerate constructors scheme, which costs to join up to, but after the project has finished has no significance or added value to the property. This is in the MAN2 section and is best suited larger developments with bigger contractors who have processes in place to deal with the issues raised.

We await the QA results with great anticipation.

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