Sunday, 23 September 2012

Build Week 7 - SIPS Structure Complete

This has been a very exciting week as the SIPS structure is now up. Being able to walk into the completed shell is really pleasing. All of the spaces and natural light within them have turned out exactly as imagined.

The final walls went up very quickly. The roof panels were fixed into manageable pieces on the ground prior to the arrival of the crane. On Friday the 36 tonne city crane turned up and the glulam beams and roof pieces were hoisted into place.The glulam beams look terrific and when they are oiled up will be a fabulous feature of the house.

It is always surprising how the size and scale of the building changes throughout the construction process. Before the roof went on, the building felt very tall - something we tried very hard to avoid. However the roof going on made it all proportionate. The roof has also transformed the large south opening and seems to make it much bigger. We are now able to stand in the opening, soak up the view and imagine how amazing it will be to use the balcony and enjoy the views all year round.

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