Sunday, 2 September 2012

Build Week 4 - More Groundworks

A week spent continuing with the preparation for the SIPS erection. The site is taking shape and we are now getting a definite feel for the footprint. Now that the plan is becoming much more defined there is a much greater feel for the size of the house. When everything is open it feels like it is very small, but as it rises out of the ground it gives a much better indication for actually how big it is. There was more excavation and the concrete was poured for the external shed and rainwater tank foundation pad.

Tanking base drain rodding point 

With the low level masonry going up, and following a meeting with the SIPS installers on site, the project programme is starting to firm up. Some time has been spent planning in all the next phases of the project. This has been very positive as we can now see that if things go according to plan we should get a finished envelope in a couple of months time and an idea of when the main internal works will be done.

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