Friday, 13 January 2012

Code for Sustainable Homes

The Code for Sustainable Homes (CfSH) assesses the environmental, ecological & social impacts of the house. It is based on a points system and a level grading is given in accordance with the points scored  - level 1 (lowest) to level 6 (highest). Certain aspects of the assessment are compulsory to achieve a particular level eg to achieve the highest level it must be a zero carbon property. 

The CfSH encompasses all aspects of the house through design, build & use, therefore is a way too large to explain properly in a blog post. I will try and explain each in more depth on their own and how we are tackling them individually at appropriate times.

To give a brief outline of what is involved there are 9 main categories and these are then split up into further total of 34 sub-categories. 

  • Energy - efficiency, generation and saving
  • Water - internal and external use
  • Materials - environmental impact
  • Surface Water - reduction of contribution to flooding
  • Waste - recycling & waste management
  • Pollution - material & operational pollution
  • Health & Wellbeing - Quality of living environment
  • Management - Security & management of the property during build & occupation
  • Ecology - protection of existing & positive ecological changes
This is a very brief outline and it will hopefully become clearer in time when I go into each in a bit more detail.

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