Thursday, 12 January 2012

Ecohouse Flavour

Although we want to build an ecohouse, we want to offer it as an educational and marketing tool for our architectural practice PAAD. To do this we aim to use some quantitative and qualitative approaches in our design.

There are different sets of guidelines and standards that can be used, so which one to go for? The main ones are Passivhaus, AECB & Code for Sustainable Homes. All have their merits and flaws.
The Passivhaus standard is becoming quite well known in the UK as it has been brought over from the continent. It is very much orientated towards the dwelling energy efficiency & comfort.
The Code for Sustainable Homes is a scheme that was created by the government along with the BRE in England & Wales, to try and make sure the future building stock become more sustainable. The 'Code' takes a very different approach with a much wider remit on sustainability, not just energy efficiency alone. It looks at all conceivable areas of a dwelling's environmental and ecological impacts throughout its life cycle.

The debate between the standards is something that rages on, and everyone with an interest has a strong view. There is no right or wrong answer, other than choosing the one that best suits your take on the term 'ecohouse'.

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