Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Fresh !!

Was a bit cold last night but thanks to our makeshift insulation it is not too bad. This is nothing compared to the other problems! When the water temperature nears freezing, it expands and puts more pressure on the small boiler making it leak slightly. To avoid the water torture of the constant dripping sound it means getting up at 4:00am to turn the water off outside...

After a freezing night we wake up to a few problems. When the gas gets cold in the bottle it liquifys and doesn't work properly so no boiler or gas heater this morning, although we are able to use the hob so a hot drink is an absolute must. Luckily we have the electric heater to take the edge off the cold in the living room and the electric radiator in the bathroom. Also need to put the water back on.

It is supposed to be warmer tonight thankfully. Makes us so glad it has been so mild thus far.


  1. Hi there, looking forward to following the blog - just a few thoughts regarding your caravan living! Firstly, pair up gas bottles - you will then have much lower take off per bottle and it should be fine for your boiler or heater. A small section of electric pipe heater tape round the supply should sort out the overnight drip issue as well... although leaving a cold water tap to drip in a sink may be an idea to avoid frozen water pipes.

  2. Thanks for the advice. I think experiences and advice for potential clients / self builders wanting to live on site would make a good post and hopefully attract a lot of comments and dialogue from people who have experience of it or are thinking about it. Think I will do a post in the near future with our experience and some hints and tips. Would be very grateful if you could also contribute to that.