Sunday, 21 October 2012

Build Week 10 - Roof & Rain

 This week the roof started but due to the continual rain it was a bit of a false start. The roof is a liquid applied rubber which requires primer than a couple of layers of the rubber to seal it. To do this requires a dry surface and dry weather otherwise the materials start to run with the rain. Frustratingly the weather provided us with little dry time and when the roof did dry it promptly began to rain again. The Oak fascia board on the verge and eaves is on and looks (and smells) very good. The rainwater tank was lowered into position, assembled and backfilled with gravel.

The large bifolding window was installed - unfortunately two of the windows were broken when it was delivered to the shop so we await to see it in its full glory. However it has a very solid feel and easy opening action and is every bit as good as we had hoped. The opening gives a glorious view over the vale. It is particularly nice that it practically elimiinates any noise from outside but when opened up the sound of the river flowing is very prominent and tranquil. Work continues on the internal drylining and electrical & plumbing first fix. We decided that we would invest in sunpipes to get natural light into the plant room and downstairs bathroom. Although much more costly than just using lights, we feel the benefit of natural light in the long term and the feel it brings to the rooms is worth it.

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  1. Whoa, it that the rain came too early to test if the roof installation was a success. Sorry to hear that the rain derailed your plans, but I hope all is well now with the installation. By the way, I love the idea of using natural light in lighting up the room. That will also help you save electricity! :)