Monday, 29 October 2012

Build Week 12 - Bring Me Sunshine

The weather improved slightly - enough to get the waterproofing done anyway. Before the final coat can go on the aluminium edge trim and drip were put on. The  powder coated aluminium drip sits over the edge of the oak fascia and is coloured the same as the windows externally. The aluminium edge sits slightly set back from the edge which looks good and although quite bright at the moment will dull down over time. Looking forward to the sedum going on the roof next week.

The suntube covers went on and the pipe installed to the down stairs bathroom. It twists in a helter skelter fashion down through the floor to the bathroom below to allow more light into the plant room. The tube channels light down to the bathroom very well although it has a green hue as the protective plastic over the cover still.The spaces within the house are feeling light and large just as we had hoped.

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