Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Build Week 9 - Windows

This week saw the arrival of the much anticipated windows. These are the Internorm Edition version. We particularly chose these as they are timber / aluminium composite and have a very high thermal performance. They are triple glazed, with a thermal performance of around twice the requirement - for those in the know they achieve a u-value of 0.74. They are essentially timber windows but have an insulated aluminium facing externally, which means that they will require minimal maintenance and last very well.

Work continues inside with the dry lining of the walls, and the start of the electrical and plumbing first fix. The windows went in, looking and feeling great. The mechanism on the big window seat sliding window is both smooth and assured. We are pleased with the colour of the front door as it should complement the red colour of the sedum very well in winter. Unfortunately the big bi-folding door can not be put in as the scaffolding is in the way - that will have to wait till next week. The ply deck of the roof is finished, with all the upstands for the solar panel frames - giving an indication of the extent of PV that we will have.


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  2. Judging by the picture, I think the measurements of the windows and the door are just right. I wonder how this house looks like now. It looks quite spacious, you know. By the way, I wish I could see these timber windows you spoke of.

    Willene Fagen